B. 1986. Design. Illustration. Artworks.

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It would be fair to say that my creative journey began when I was 5 years old, building spaceships out of LEGO bricks in my family’s small Jerusalem living room. I started drawing and listening to music at a young age, and eventually pursued these passions into my early adult life by way of working at a record store, a local cinema and rigorously studying figure drawing. Another dream of mine was to become a tattoo artist, and I would sometimes spend as many as 16 hours a day drawing tattoo flashes and working on my skull and rose portfolio on my way to fulfilling it. The hard work paid off when I got accepted to apprentice, and subsequently work at two of Tel-Aviv's best tattoo studios. However, after four years in that field, I felt it was time to, once again, pursue an old passion.

Still very much in love with the creation of art, I slowly began teaching myself graphic design and the art of collage. After two years of being self taught, I enrolled in the Shenkar School for Visual Communication and Design. My time at Shenkar further kindled my love for art, design, illustration, layout, typography and creating new things by combining all of the above. After four years, two semesters of which I was lucky to spend at Hamburg, Germany’s HAW university (Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg) as part of an exchange program, I proudly graduated as an exceptional student.
These days, my biggest passions lie in fine art and illustration, both of which I realize through my skill in the craft of graphic design and my command of the proper software. Apart from abstract painting and drawing I make collages, which often serve as the meeting point for digital and tangible art.
As a self employed professional, my favorite scenario is that in which client work blossoms into a mutually beneficial and enriching partnership. My experience has taught me that the right art direction, which I constantly aim and aspire to provide my clients with, can produce wonderful results. I am always looking to take on, and take part in new art and design projects, bringing the two together to create new, beautiful and unique work.
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Amit Naamani (b. 1986) is an artist currently based in Tel-Aviv. Naamani has been actively keeping sketchbooks and journals for the past 10 years, documenting his surroundings on a daily basis. He enjoys the process of documenting certain moments of his life, and revisits many of these moments by referencing them in his drawings, sketches and collages, taking a deeper look into their meanings, and often creating new meanings for them.Having spent a few years studying figure drawing, Naamani's next creative endeavor saw him finding work at two prominent tattoo studios, where he was introduced to a new drawing style. Having mastered that, he began to take interest in collage art, writing and exploring the beauty of his world through new forms of digital and tangible art alike.A significant portion of Naamani's work is rooted in collage art and is guided by deconstructive questions such as "What is a collage?", or "What is a face?". His collages are multi-layered works, often consisting of a wide range of materials, from old photographs and segments of text from various printed matter to abstract splatters of acrylic paint, among others. His layers not only directly represent physical ideas in our everyday lives, but often hold metaphorical meanings as well.Naamani believes that the constant presence of sketchbooks, diaries and journals within reach helps maintain a profound creative spirit in his life. Keeping active and busy is of utmost importance to him, even when the final results seem less than stellar to him. He acknowledges the importance of not just the "hits", but the "misses" as well, to keeping his creative juices flowing and continually fueling his cycle of motion. Lately, he has been entertaining a growing interest in simple forms such as abstract marks, color stains and big fields of color, with all of the above slowly finding their way into his sketches and much of his digital works.
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